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POMODORO HOST – SALVATORE ZIZZO, Restaurater at Ai Pozzi di Lenola

Salvatore Zizzo began his career as a cheese merchant when he was 8 years old.

Recently, I went with him to the Cassino farmer’s market to meet his ‘cheese ladies’ with whom he has been doing business for over 45 years.  He told me how as a young boy he would race around the town delivering cheese which his mother, Angelina Mattei, would either make herself or acquire from farmers and distribute to grocery stores, restaurants and local households.  She was still doing this work well into her eighties and died at the age of 96


On our road trip, at an intersection along the way, Salvatore pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the car.  For a moment he fell silent and lowered his head.   He then pointed out to me a very large tall tree, and told me that he travels this road two or three times a week when he goes to visit the cheese ladies, to get a supply of cheese for his restaurant.  He always stops just before the tree, and says a quiet prayer honouring his mother and remembering the sacrifices she made as a young mother.    He then went on to tell me the story and the significance of Angelina’s tree.   It is a particularly moving one, which left me speechless.


Salvatore will be our special host on the entire Day 2 of the tour where he will tell you the story about Angelina’s tree and other compelling stories about how he came to be involved in the restaurant business.




Spend seven full days to relax, have fun, eat and enjoy everything the region has to offer.

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