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  /  Southern Lazio Tour Itinerary

The Food & Travel Tour of Southern Lazio | Itinerary

You will enjoy the food prepared by award-winning chef’s, savour the wine of ancient roman vineyards, taste the liquid gold of the prized olive oil and visit the most enchanting towns only the locals know about. An authentic experience you will never forget which will leave you in awe of this area.

Day 1 - City to Province

We depart from Rome and travel through the ancient town of Frascati to Latina, with a tour and tastings at the award winning winery of Casale del Giglio.   

The tour starts with a superb lunch at the restaurant of renowned international Chef Max Cotilli at Satricvm.  

Continuing south we pass the ancient Abbey of Fossanova and then on to the panoramic lookout from our accommodation at SarAnd Relais.   

Settle in to your private villa room accommodation and then take in the stunning views which you will call home for the next seven days. 

Enjoy a welcome aperitivo.    Pina, your host and Chef at Sarand Relais will delight you with a local Italian dinner. Our journey of discovery has begun.


  • Visit the historical Roman town of Frascati
  • Casale del Giglio winery tour and tastings
  • Lunch hosted by Max Cottilli at Satricvm
  • Visit to the Abbey of Fossanova
  • Sarand Relais, Aperitivo and Dinner

Day 2 – Majestic Mountains of the Ciociaria

After a buffet breakfast, an adventure awaits as we venture inland to the mountains.  We discover the art of cheese making from two artisans and then visit a farmer’s market showcasing fresh produce from the local sellers.   

We explore the Monastery of Monte Cassino, its history and the scars from WWII.   

We then visit the ancient town of Castro dei Volsci with lunch at an authentic restaurant where we will taste the local homemade specialties still made with the same love and care which the locals have enjoyed for decades. 

We stop to admire the extensive caves of Pastena and walk in footsteps of history along an old route.    A local guide will take you on an excursion through an historic area which once was the border between the Papal States and the Royal Kingdom and explain the historical significance of the border stone markers called Cippi.   

A Walking tour of the old village of Lenola follows.   Learn about its ancient origins as we visit the town’s well preserved Castello Boccia, its narrow alleys and the Scalinata della Pace, where the majestic Basilica of the Madonna del Colle takes pride of place overlooking the town.  


  • Visit the cheesemakers at Antica Fattoria Crolla
  • Browse the Cassino farmer’s market
  • Monastery of Monte Cassino and the WWII cemetery
  • Lunch at La Locanda and visit town of Castro dei Volsci  
  • Stalactites of the Caves of Pastena
  • Walking tour of Lenola
  • History of La Ciociaria

Day 3 - Sun and Seas

Today we explore the coastal gems starting with Gaeta, once an important major port ruled by the Kings and Queens of the Court.   Walk along Via Indipendenza, which still evokes the times of old when the seafarers would frequent the bars and inns along this historic alley.   

We then visit the town’s main attractions including the spectacular Montagna Spaccata, before making our way to a secluded beach cove for lunch by the sparkling seaside.  

Spend the afternoon relaxing on your very own lounge bed with umbrella or take a dip in the clear turquoise waters.   

We then travel along the picturesque coast and visit the Archeological museum, villa and cave of the roman emperor Tiberius.

Wander around the old, narrow, whitewashed alleys of the charming hilltop village of Sperlonga.   Dinner at a local favourite restaurant by the sea.


  • Port city of Gaeta and Via Indipendenza
  • Gaeta historic town main attractions
  • La Montagna Spaccata and its myths and legends
  • Lunch at the exciting new eatery Scirocco 
  • Relax on a sunbed lounge sipping a drink under a beach umbrella and enjoy the seaside just like the italians do
  • Archeological Museum including Villa and Cave of Tiberius
  • Walk the historic hilltop village of Sperlonga
  • Dinner at the village’s popular restaurant by the sea

Day 4 – Cooking with Pina, Wine and a dinner fit for a King

After a leisurely breakfast, your host Pina will walk with you around her abundant farm, showing you the animals, vegetable patches, olive grove, vineyard and the wild herb-laden hills.   After collecting this fresh produce Pina will guide you through a masterclass in local cooking which we will enjoy in the lovely gardens.

In the afternoon, we head off to tastings at a boutique winery with historic ‘roots’ founded by the Romans.   

This evening’s highlight degustation dinner is at Lo Stuzzichino, where your acclaimed and awarded Masterchef Francesco has had the honour of cooking for Belgian royalty, and not just the once.


  • Tour of SarAnd Relais farm including the horse stables
  • Collect farm produce for cooking class with Pina
  • Masterclass cooking class with lunch
  • Visit to Monte Cecubi with tastings and tour of this historical boutique winery
  • Spectacular Sanctuary of the Madonna della Civita
  • Visit the town of Campodimele
  • Degustation dinner at Lo Stuzzichino hosted by Masterchef Francesco Capirchio who will share his culinary journey with you

Day 5 – The Royal Palace of Caserta

The Royal Families of Italy left their legacy throughout the land and nowhere more so than the magnificent Royal Palace of Caserta.  You will be amazed by the history and the riches and treasures of their reign,  here on display in all of its splendour.

On our return we visit the legacy of the ancient Romans at the archaeological sites in Minturno.   We cap off an exciting day with a relaxing aperitivo and dinner at SarAnd Relais.    


  • Visit the Royal Palace of Caserta
  • Picnic Lunch with traditional local specialties 
  • Visit the ancient Roman ruins at Minturno.
  • Time to Relax with a Happy Hour Aperitivo
  • Dinner at SarAnd Relais

Day 6 – Castles and Buffalo Mozzarella

Our second last day in the region will be one where we relax and take in the atmosphere of the area we have come to know.  We visit the town of Fondi and spend time at its main attractions including the history behind Castello Baronale and Palazzo Caetani with a ‘passeggiata’ along the Corso Appio Claudio.

A highlight visit to see how they make the area’s famous Buffalo Mozzarella.  

We then make our way to a secret hideaway location in the mountains for a very long, long lunch hosted by a local family.

On our return we visit the Monastery of San Magno and the spectacular view from the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocca before returning to spend the evening relaxing with aperitivo, supper and some conversation.


  • Visit Fondi and its Castello Baronale and Palazzo Caetani
  • Enjoy la passeggiata along Corso Appio Claudio
  • Tour of the town’s main attractions
  • See how they make the famous Buffalo Mozzarella
  • A long lunch in an idyllic location, savouring all the area’s fresh produce
  • Visit the Monastery of San Magno and the Sanctuary of Madonna della Rocca
  • Say farewell at SarAnd Relais with Aperitivo and supper

Day 7 - Temples to the Sea

On our return to Rome, we visit Terracina and the roman Temples of Jove Anxur with the panoramic views of the land and sea below.   

We spend time in the old historic town and take a stroll along the boardwalk admiring the wide sandy beaches and Monte Circeo promontory before lunch at a renowned restaurant with views of the sea.     

We then travel along the coast stopping to admire the beautiful seaside town of San Felice Circeo, before arriving back in Rome early evening.


  • Visit the complex of the Temples of Jupiter Anxur
  • Walk the narrow streets of Terracina historic old town
  • Enjoy the fresh sea air strolling along the boardwalk
  • Visit San Felice Circeo seaside town
  • Spectacular lunch by the sea
  • Arrive back in Rome early evening

*Please note that this is a sample itinerary of the tour and may be subject to change.