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Welcome to Pomodoro Food Tours

My name is Maria Quinto

In the last 30 years I have been teaching Italian language and Italian cooking to people in Australia.  


I realised early on that when I was standing before a class, my real passion and the essence of who I am, was revealed to me.  I wanted so badly for everybody to learn this beautiful language. I wanted to share my knowledge about the food and cooking. I told my students as many stories as I could recall, from when I was a child to when I first started travelling to Italy as a teenager spending long periods of time there and until the present time.  I wanted to give everybody an appreciation for the culture and traditions of this beautiful land.


More recently, I was sitting at a spectacular location in my hometown of Lenola, eating food that made you close your eyes in delight to savour every mouthful, and I said to myself, “why should I be having all this enjoyment?”  It was then I realised that this experience needed to be shared with the whole world.


This is how Pomodoro Food Tours was born.  My journey will take you from the eternal city of Rome and guide you south along the Tyrrhenian coast to my ancestral home in the province of Latina.  The tour will take visitors through the plains of Latina to Fondi. This will be our base from where we will discover the seas, countryside, mountains and villages of the region.  


This is the experience I want to share with you.  You will have an unforgettable culinary experience at every meal, from delicious breakfasts at our superb ‘agriturismo’ farmhouse accommodation and then followed each day with an authentic lunch and dinner in a different and unique location leaving you with memories you will treasure forever.   This is my pledge to you.