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Pomodoro Food Tours

Welcome / benvenuti to Pomodoro Food Tours.

I will start by posing the question – do you live to eat; or do you eat to live?

At this point you could also ask yourself; is food a need, or a desire or even an obsession. Alternatively, is it simply, a vital essential right?   Food; a wealth for discussion.


In my case, I will declare it upfront that it is my obsession.   My love and passion for Italian food is in my dna. Since I was a teenager, I embarked on a lifelong discovery of the many beautiful regions of Italy.   I followed my roots to my ancestral home in the South West Lazio, where this spellbinding landscape with its quaint medieval towns captured my imagination and has kept calling me back time after time.


And then there is the food! Here, even the simple dish of ‘spaghetti al pomodoro’ takes on a whole new taste sensation. I keep asking myself the same question over and over again; what is it that makes everything taste so good; is it the soil, the climate, the rocky mountains, the old ancient grains, the fresh produce or the vines?


Please come with me on this culinary journey which will start in the eternal city of Rome and then travel south along the Tyrrhenian coast and beyond to discover this part of the Southern Lazio region; the history, the towns, the attractions, the traditions, the language, the people, and of course, the food.


Spend seven full days to relax, have fun, eat and enjoy everything the region has to offer.

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